Media Credential Application

The CABDA Expo provides media credentials to cover its shows to legitimate members of the working press. All applications for a media credential are reviewed by show management and they reserve the right to deny media credentials to any applicant.

Who Qualifies for a Media Credential:

Working journalists in print, broadcast, and digital media on assignment for established publications and media outlets. This includes reporters, columnists, podcast hosts, product reviewers, photographers, and editors who have been assigned to cover one or more CABDA events.

Who Does NOT Qualify for a Media Credential:

Friends and family of journalists; sales, marketing, and advertising executives and other non-editorial media staff; film companies not on assignment; freelance photographers not specifically assigned to cover this event; company presidents, industry consultants, public relations account managers, writers for company newsletters and websites, and those who are not working journalists. If you do not meet the media qualifications, please go to to register for the event. 

Standard registration requirements will apply.