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The Chicagoland Area Bicycle Dealers Association

Mission Statement

CABDA is an association that promotes advocacy, best practices, education, and social events for Independent Bicycle Dealers.

About Us

Chicago and its surrounding suburbs are home to an estimated 200 independent bicycle dealers (IBD). IBD’s are mostly comprised of family owned and operated businesses supporting their communities by offering personalized sales and service.

CABDA was created with Midwest dealers in mind. Our events are held off-season and typically mid-week to make it easier for members to attend. Our training events and sales clinics are always free to members, and our members are always welcome to bring staff.

In 2014, CABDA resurrected its long-dormant trades show and the Expo is now in its fourth year. Come join us!

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Dealer Benefits

  • Off-season meetings
  • Seminars and tech clincs
  • Social events
  • Group rides